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Weekly News for 9/4 – 9/11

By Santi De La Pava and Noah Lowry

This week we did a lot of work including soft annotating, figurative language practice, and watching CNN every morning. 

Friday was an action packed day. We had lots of things due and it was picture day. YAY!! We also had a CNN quiz which was a written question quiz, Toward Independence quiz which was a multiple choice. 

This past Monday was Labor Day and Friday was Patriots Day! Thursday we had a seminar about how nicotine can affect the teenage brain. A seminar is a discussion in which everyone shares their thoughts about the subjects. This week we had an indepth look into the seminar and Reece did a great job leading the seminar. 

On Wednesdays we have a group PE. This week was lots of fun. Everyone was good at sports after the game. We are enjoying time outside and we all are working really hard! 

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Week 3!

By: Sophie Patat and Talia El Khatib

This week for our specials classes, we got to join our wonderful teachers Mrs. Kim, and Mrs. Lisa for Art and Drama. In Drama we learned about screenwriting and improv acting. We also got to join our spanish teacher Mrs. Melissa for lessons.

We also got to Sit outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. Our whole class helped cheer Ms. Kate on while she was drinking her pond water (flavored water).

We read our group books which were The Giver and The Outsiders. These are really wonderful books, and they include a lot of adventure.


Middle school also presented their history native american projects. . . . .              

Our middle school friend Sherilyn showed us some cool science experiments.

This week has been a very fun and productive week, and I look forward to the next week.

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A Great Start to the Year

By: Reese Payton and Noah Lowry

This week we learned a lot about all our classes and courses. In Science, we had a lot of fun getting to know the lab, and used a triple beam balances to measure various items, like blocks, table salt, and water.

In History, we started our Native American Research project to start off our history class, where we researched the shelters and food that some of the Native American Tribes had. We also learned some practical life skills like organizing a planner, and taking notes efficiently.

For Music class this week, we started playing the bells, which was great fun! Mrs. Cheryl did a great job teaching us through Zoom!

In Language Arts, everyone got a reading group this week, and we have started reading The Giver or The Outsiders.

It’s been a beautiful week outside, and we have been sitting near the garden for lunch whenever we can! Hopefully the weather is this good next week.

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Welcome Back!

Man are we excited to have students back on our campus! There are so many changes, but so many new adventures as well that we will get to explore together this year!

Orientation is schedule for August 10th, 2020. This year, we will be going virtual for our time together! You’ll be getting all the information you will need for the year, and students will get an in depth tour of their REVAMPED space!

Be sure to reach out to me at if you have any questions regarding the upcoming year!